Innovative solution in Health Prevention and Predictive Medicine.

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Target Funding

€ 1,035,000

AICUBE is an innovative startup, strongly motivated to enter the preventive and predictive medicine market, thanks to an innovative system using Artificial Intelligence algorithms to collect and analyze some biomarkers.

There is a direct correlation between changes in specific biomarkers and onset of some non-communicable diseases (NCDs). Biomarkers can be actually classified into two types: risk prevention biomarkers and disease biomarkers, connected to prodromal biomarkers which allow an early diagnosis of a disease, providing biological information necessary to the diagnosis itself.

AICUBE strategy aims at entering the diabetes market – today size is valued at about USD 27 billion – thanks to a unique patented device to measure salivary glucose – not blood glucose – through a non-invasive procedure, and system scaling by introducing other biomarkers relevant to other non-communicable diseases.

Great team and great skills, the great potential of AICUBE is also inherent in a special device, patented in Italy and waiting for patent term extension (July 2019, PCT procedure, Patent Cooperation Treaty) in more than 150 countries. The device collects and analyzes a saliva sample autonomously, in a daily routine we all follow.

The device named DOC.D (Data Organized Collector Device) is actually an electric toothbrush. It collects a saliva sample to be analyzed in the POP (Point of Prevention) module provided with single use cartridges containing specific sensors.

In a very short time, the device analyzes the saliva sample, assessing the different biomarkers selected by the user via a specific app provided when setting up the system. Users will actually select, for example, a daily analysis of glucose (if diabetic), or decide to assess the best time for having a baby (estrogen) or their own risk factor for cardiovascular diseases by measuring the C-Reactive Protein. The system is scalable and other useful biomarkers will be validated in the future to prevent important diseases.

The system identifies the user by a fingerprint reader. This prevent sample and user mismatching. The toothbrush contains also an accelerometer to determine onset or worsening of diseases like Parkinson’s disease.

AICUBE main goal is to develop devices to collect clinical data in order to prevent the most common diseases.

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