eezylife inc.

A proactive recommendation app powered by sentient AI

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Target Funding

€ 4,500,000

An app that aims to create a human-like relationship with the user in order to make his or her everyday life easier and more enjoyable.

It begins the interaction by interpreting the user’s individual and social profiles and learns to understand behavior, interests, preferences, dislikes and other pertinent connections and traits. It then creates corresponding, personalized profiles, in the form of friendly avatars.

The sentient A.I. engine scans the web 24/7 for relevant offers, products and services. Through dynamic chatbot technology, the app filters the scanned results based on aforementioned variables and matches recommendations to the user’s preferences, mood and personality, which can be shared socially.

Further setting eezy apart from the competition is the emphasis on the user’s privacy. eezy has implemented a decoupling and encryption of the user’s sensitive data, which allows for a complete anonymization of all user data for third parties, thus keeping the privacy of the user at a maximum.

Monetization is achieved through a commission-based transaction model.

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