Xtribe PLC

Digital geo-marketplace serving retailers and individuals

Xtribe PLC, headquartered in the UK and with offices in NYC, Italy and Switzerland, provides a smartphone e-commerce application that allows users to buy, sell, and rent products and services easily and efficiently to other Xtribe users. It is a geo-marketplace incentivizing and speeding up transactions between individuals and retailers within an area.

The application is available in two profiles, a free profile for noncommercial users and a store profile for businesses. The free profile allows users to buy and sell products and services quickly and locally. The store profile, Xtribe Store, available for purchase on a twelve-month contract, allows retailers and professional users to market products and services to multiple users through an unlimited number of ads. No commission fees are charged.

The company’s business growth strategy is customer acquisition and expansion into the USA market, focusing on large metropolitan areas while continuing user growth in the Italian market, where the startup was launched.

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