A highly-scalable digital platform for global multilingual communication and decision making

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Target Funding

€ 650,000

Remarkably, there are no solutions on the market for dialogue and decision making for large groups of people.

The Yudex app breaks new ground by providing organizations with a range of innovative tools to keep large-scale discussions noise-free and constructive, whilst allowing crowdsourced opinions, suggestions and decisions to emerge automatically.
Yudex also supports fully multilingual content, allowing seamless discussion and idea generation across languages.

Yudex is provided as a series of SaaS tools:
For end users: mobile app + browser interface
For organizations: mobile app + browser interface + dashboard.

The Yudex app and browser experience are always free for end users. Organizations pay via subscription to access essential tools needed for large-scale group interaction and management.

Yudex will not be ad funded, nor will user data ever be sold