Vertically integrated CBD retailer

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Target Funding

€ 1,500,000

Cannabis is an amazing plant with different use cases, but it’s been criminalized for years due its psychoactive THC (Tetra-hydro-cannabidiol) content, through a fierce lobbying activity by competitors in many industries (e.g. painkiller drugs), that could be disrupted by Cannabis and its derivatives. The “illegal” image of the leading retail networks selling Canabis products, with core products for «hard smokers», reinforces this message. Instead, there is a growing demand for the healing and wellness properties of CBD (Cannabidiol).

Starting from current two shops in Italy and a planned joint venture with established players in Cannabis cultivation (Bardana, more than 100 hectares) and R&D (Phareco Labs), Cannabisquare aims at building a retail network with 100+ both own and franchised outlets, seamlessly integrated with R&D, cultivation and manufacturing. CBD’s broad range of application, together with other cannabis derivatives and combined with the possibility of extracting other active ingredients, will allow to expand the offer and the customer base.

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