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Target Funding

€ 3,000,000

Helping people enjoy a healthier, stress free and pain free life. The company will make available to the world consumers the benefits that the non-narcotic, active components of medicinal plants, especially Cannabis, can offer.

American and European public opinion has been shifting towards supporting some degree of cannabis legalization. As cannabis becomes mainstream, it impacts different consumer industries: in Europe alone the cannabis market should grow to USD62.6bn by 2029, up from USD52.1bn in 2019 (CAGR of 2% - source: Bryan, Garnier & Co).

Portfolio companies

Starting from current three shops in Italy and strategic agreements with established players in Cannabis R&D (Phareco Labs) and farming, TheHERBALIST aims at building a retail network with 40+ own and franchised outlets, seamlessly integrated with R&D and manufacturing.

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VIVE intends to develop and launch a line of skin care, pain management and stress relief products building on of CBD oil as the key naturally active ingredient. All products will be clinically tested and supported by "new-to-the-world" claims.

The two companies are envisaging a merger into a single entity within the first 2 years of joint operations. The CBD Investment Vehicle is SMPG LDA, based in Lisbon, Portugal, with the underlying businesses having a direct presence in UK, Italy, Portugal and Spain.

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