Home services and repair digital platform

Fixool’s vision is to provide all users with a simple and efficient solution to solve their (urgent) problems in home and office repairs. Its mission is to take the market of the “home-services” online.

From the customer’s point of view, looking for a professional in the home-service market is usually stressful: difficult search, unpredictable quality, cost uncertainty.
From the professional’s point of view (plumbers, electricians, painters, etc.), looking for clients in the home-service market is equally stressful: time spent, credit collection issues, current online solutions require an upfront payment.

Fixool has a new, customer-focused approach to home services based on transparency, taking the entire process on-platform to offer a added-value, stress-free, price-conscious experience through its unique end-to-end solution based on the right combination of AI and Human Emotional Intelligence.

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