Venture Capital Fund

Bridging the gap between EU technolgy and Asian markets.

The Fund is regulated investment vehicle whose mission is to scout, invest in and support visionary Southern European technology firms in becoming the multinationals of tomorrow by driving their expansion in Asia.

Europe has recently attracted a significant flow of venture capital in technology, but the largest share of investment and exit transactions take place in the so- called DACH region, in France and in the countries of Northern Europe, with an inflationary effect on valuations.

Moreover, the fragmentation of European markets makes organic growth difficult for many companies, limiting opportunities. Southern European companies have significantly less access to sources of finance compared to other geographies.

Asia is the solution to the two main challenges for technology startups in Southern Europe: scalability and exit. The Fund intends to facilitate the solution to both of these problems: by favoring the access of European companies to large and dynamic Asian markets; by increasing the turnover and growth of European companies, multiplying the valuation of these businesses; by actively participating in the transformation of EU technology companies into the multinationals of tomorrow, enabling their global presence and improving the exit options.