Urban Health Farms

Pioneers in vertical farming, the ultimate innovation for sustainable agriculture

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Target Funding

€ 8,000,000

By 2050, 10b people will rely on agriculture and technology. Traditional agriculture and the current supply chain already struggle to meet this need.

Urban Health Farms are pioneers in vertical farming. By utilising the world’s most advanced technology, their resulting produce is of an exceptional and unmatched quality. Fresher, more nutritious, with higher yields and a smaller environmental footprint.

Industry experts predict that vertical farming will be one of the most dominant forms of agriculture in the next 10-15 years. The market space is enormous: a recent analysis found that Sweden, a country with just 10m people, would need up to 80 industrial-scale indoor vertical farms of 10,000 sqm each to fulfill their demand. Thus Europe would need approximately 6,000 mega-farms just to satisfy the leafy greens and herbs market.

UHF’s main differentiator is full integration, with customized facilities through the strategic partnership with urban-gro, a company listed on the Nasdaq that has designed and commissioned over 300 Controlled Environment Agriculture facilities.