Marcello Gallo

CEO at I2Capital, turnaround expert

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Since the early nineties Marcello has been appointed on several boards of directors for listed companies like Intek, Santavaleria, Sediver SA, SMI, KME AG, KME in Italy, France and Germany, often with an executive role. He has taken part and in many cases led some of most important financial transactions, like acquisitions and trade sales, 4 public offerings on listed companies, mergers between listed companies and issuance of bonds, in Italy and abroad.

For Intek Group Marcello has developed the “Non operating investments Unit” (non-performing loans, bankruptcies, controlled liquidations), generating substantial capital gains for the Group.
He is particularly experienced in investments analysis and management, particularly with distressed companies, and is a skilled negotiator in national and international complex transactions (France, China, USA, Germany, Switzerland, UK). His experience has also allowed him to develop a deep understanding of legal issues involved in corporate transactions.

Marcello has a wide experience of relationship with Financial Authorities, Financial Services firms and wealth management companies. He has also successfully managed high-risk situations for Intek, from complex lawsuits promoted by the Group to disposals of critical subsidiaries.
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