Jouko Ahvenainen

Fintech serial entrepreneur, founder of Grow VC Group


Jouko Ahvenainen is a serial-entrepreneur and Co-Founder of Grow VC Group, a holding entity including over 10 companies, a pioneer in digital finance, fintech and data analytics solutions.

Jouko started his work with digital finance and fintech models in 2008 and listed world-class influencer. He participated in changing US finance regulation, getting the Senate and President to allow JOBS Act and has worked with EU and Asian finance regulation. Jouko is founder, partner and board member in 10+ innovative digital finance companies. Jouko is advisor for US, European and Asian investing and finance programs. He focuses on digital disruption in finance services and business. Jouko has built business, closed investment deals and lead companies globally. He started his first own software business when he was 16-years-old. Jouko has been a Certified Adviser for the NasdaqOMX First North lists.

Jouko has made dozens of multi-million dollar customer and investment deals. He has many interest areas, e.g. at the moment studies AI ethics. Earlier he co-founded data analytics and AI businesses.

Before his serial entrepreneur career Jouko held senior positions at Cap Gemini Ernst & Young, Powerwave Technologies Inc. and Nokia. Jouko has vast experience of international business in Asia, Europe, and North America; he has lived and worked in the UK, the US, Finland, Malaysia and Hong Kong. Jouko regularly speaks and writes about innovative finance models and digital business in conferences and media including CNBC Squawk Box, SXSW, MWC and The Peter Drucker Forum. He is listed in the World Influencers in Digital Industry and fintech.

Jouko holds an MBA from School of Business at Aalto University / McCombs School of Business, at the University of Texas, Austin and a M.Sc.(Comp. Sc.) from School of Science, at Aalto University, and B.Soc.Sc. at University of Helsinki.
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