Giovanna Della Posta

CEO of Invimit


Senior Executive with a strong financial background: Degree in Economics with laude,  Master’s Degree in Finance and Economics, GMP (General Management Program) graduate from the Harvard Business School. Broad experience in Strategy and Execution developed in many industries starting from Energy, Tlc, Consumer Goods, Financial Services and Real Estate. Able and used to work in contexts of deep change and disruption as startups and restructuring projects. Focused on supporting for the execution of the strategic turnaround aimed at achieving the sustainable growth targets.

Passionate about the Growth opportunities, she founded Growth Advisory as an innovative consultancy approach to support organizations in rethinking their business model in order to lay the foundation for future growth. Very keen on leading with innovation, new technologies and the impact of the digitalization on the traditional and new services. The ability to develop positive relationships with all stakeholders and the negotiation skills allow reaching the targets by building the consensus of all interested parties.

Interests & Passions: digital, innovation, networking, writing, mentoring for young managers.
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