Nick Carbonari

Internet Serial Entrepreneur

New York, London, Munich

Nick Carbonari is a serial entrepreneur, who co-founded Scout24 and founded eezylife Inc. a US/UK company applying machine learning and psychology to create a proactive personal assistant service for everyday use.

He holds a MSc. cum laude in Electrical Engineering from Padua University, Italy and a MBA from INSEAD, Fontainebleau, France.

He worked at McKinsey & Co. in Italy and Germany before starting his entrepreneurial activity with Scout24 AG (Germany). After leaving Scout24, listed on the German Stock Exchange and valued $6,8B, he was active as a business angel and as a Venture Partner at 360 Capital Partners. 2011-2016 he was in the Board of Directors of AramisAuto, leading French Online Car Selling Platform (bought in 2016 by PSA).

In 2017 he launched eezylife Inc. with the goal to change the way users interact with the internet: a proactive personalized service to make daily life easier and more enjoyable.

Passionate about history and philosophy, an addicted skier, he speaks fluently four languages and enjoys spending his rare spare time with his three children.
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