Stefano Russano, AICUBE srl

Founder&CEO of AICUBE, an Innovative Startup.


Stefano received his degree in engineering from the Politecnico of Milan specializing in Bioengineering in 1992 and then worked for 25 years in the healthcare industry in business development, strategic marketing and in leading a company as CEO, developing high quality business strategies and planning, ensuring their alignment with short-term and long-term objectives of the parent company.

Moreover, oversee all operations and business activities. Make high-quality investing decisions to advance the business and increase margins. Enforce adherence to legal guidelines and in-house compliance policies to maintain the company’s legality and business ethics.

Review financial and non-financial reports to devise solutions or improvements.
Build trust relations with key partners and stakeholders. Analyze problematic situations and occurrences and provide solutions to ensure company survival and growth. Maintain a deep knowledge of competitors and the overall healthcare markets.

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