Giampiero Pelle, Acqualeve - Montalbano - et alia

Serial entrepreneur in food, media, retail

Milan, Italy

A serial entrepreneur, with a long experience in start-ups and general management in diverse industries, from publishing to digital adv to food retail. A Chartered accountant, his background ranges from finance to marketing and sales. After a degree in Economics at Rome University and a short experience in Audit with KPMG gained an MBA at Insead, Fontainebleau. Spent three years in Olivetti Corporate development and three more years in Strategic Planning at Mondadori publishing, where he was noted by former Italian Premier and media tycoon Silvio Berlusconi, who appointed him Chief of his personal staff. An experience as marketing manager at Telepiù (now SkyTv) followed, after which he started his entrepreneurial career. In 1995 introduced commercial teletext in Italy. This made up the basis for his next venture, Clickit, an online ad network; in 2002 co-founded Elaia, a publishing business. In 2004 sold Clickit to Adpepper and co-founded AMMIRO Partners, a DM and data mining agency. In 2007 decided to devote to the food business with, that became the first light catering and food delivery business in Milan, subsequently sold to an industrial partner. Meanwhile served as board member in diverse companies, such as Telespazio Spa - aerospace business. A three year experience as Professor of strategic marketing and integrated marketing communication at the European School of Economics MBA program complemented his business background. He is proficient in three languages beside Italian. In his spare time plays several music instruments and trains regularly in Yoga and martial arts, holding a II dan Karate black belt.

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